Electric Motor Maintenance

Electric motor maintenance is an indispensable procedure, most people and companies that make use of this engine are already aware of this. There are several outsourced companies that are focused on this type of work, even though it has been showing a differential so that the engine continues to function properly.

To make proper maintenance on an electric motor it is necessary to understand how this procedure works. Proper maintenance is one that meets the engine model specifications. During this activity we can recognize some part that is damaged and needs to be replaced. In this way, we guarantee a correct operation of the engine.

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The main function of the engine is to transform the electric energy into mechanical energy. The principle of electromagnetism is used for this conversion to occur. Today the engine is found in elevators, vehicles, appliances and many other different segments. Initially, the electric motor only serviced the industrial segment, but it has evolved over the years.

Learn how to make a maintenance plan for the electric motor

The electric motor should be subjected to inspection noise and vibration every day, every three months the water must be condensed, since once a year the screws must be tightened and every three years, the electric motor must be dismantled and all parties must be analyzed.

The stator winding and rotor comprising the electric motor must pass visual inspection and measure the insulation resistance at least once a year and every three years, the stator winding and rotor must be clean, check if it is fixed and measure the insulation resistance. HP1125 4 100 EJ

The bearings must pass the noise control every day, every week the bearings should receive grease, but must be respected intervals as the lubricant plate. Already every three years, the bearings should be cleaned and replaced if necessary, the bushing should be inspected or replaced and also inspect the track slide (axis) and retrieve when necessary.

Electric motor bearings also for damage

Damage to the electric motor bearings occur when the electric motor is stopped long way. When the electric motor works with excessive vibration, inappropriate, misaligned, unbalanced coupling, radial loads and axial or excessive where the main responsible for the problems are caused in electric motor bearings.

The bearings are in the traditional way the weakest part of the electric motor dodge px 80 coupling and the axes have a wide margin of safety, but not all impossibly occurring invoices axes, given the incessant repetition of bending stress caused by stress excessive belt.

In most cases, an immediate manner after the drive end bearing. Because of the bending stresses are alternate and require that the axis of the brand that fractures to drill from the outside in and the result will be the break when the resistance of what remains of the electric motor shaft section is not sufficient.

The replacement of one or another of the various parallel belts of a transmission in addition to representing a harmful practice is often the cause of fractures in shafts.

Electric motor powered at different voltages

Understand what happens to an electric motor that is powered at different voltages of which was designed

If an electric motor is designed to operate at 110 volts, with a current of one ampere and the same electric motor is connected to a voltage of 220, the current will surely be two amperes.

The electric motor will work, but the same electric motor will heat up in a way that is not considered common, and the result will be an electric motor burned in a short time of use.


If the electric motor has been designed for 220 volt power and was put to work on a 110 volts, the incoming current in the electric motor is half of what it was designed and the result will be a lower rotation speed.

There is no electric motor burn risk in these conditions, but this can happen if the electric motor can not start and the winding suffer from the heat.

Electric motor DC

Meet the disadvantages of the electric motor DC

Like all machines that are used in all sectors, the DC electric motor also has advantages and disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages are pointed on this article, so you can get to know better before buying an electric motor DC:

Thus, the main disadvantages presented by DC electric motor VEM3714T are direct current motors are more expensive and larger than induction motors for the same power; This electric motor model has greater need of being subjected to maintenance, it has brushes and commutators; arcs and sparks due to current switching due to a mechanical element and can not be used in hazardous environments; the tension between the blades can not exceed 20V and this means that the electric motor can not be powered by a voltage greater than 900V s, while the alternating current motor may have thousands of volts applied to its terminals.